Approvals with Construct

February 02, 2018

The approval process is the experience your recipient will have when receiving your proposal from Construct. This could be a client, a collaborator or anyone else you send proposals.

First, your recipient will receive an email from Construct, with the sender as 'Your Name via Construct'. The reply-to address is set to your account email, making it easy for the recipient to email you back directly. 

The default subject of the email is 'You've received a new proposal'. However, the subject and the body of the email can be customized to your liking when creating your proposal. 

Inside the email is a link, which your recipient will use to view your proposal. This link is unique and required to open the proposal from outside of your Construct account. As soon as your recipient clicks the link, you will be notified that your proposal has been opened. Good times!

02 Construct Desktop

Once your recipient opens your proposal, they can view it by either scrolling or by using the section navigation in the top left.

03 Construct Mobile

As your proposal is responsive, the recipient will be able to open it and easily read on any device. Once your recipient has viewed your proposal, they have the option to either decline or approve your proposal. We prefer the latter! 

04 Construct Desktop Approval

When a recipient clicks 'Approve' in the top right corner, the approval card will appear. If your proposal has option sections, the recipient will be able to select which ones they would like to proceed with and they will be added to the proposal total. 

Then the recipient is required to provide their name, email and a signature. This process is responsive and can be quickly completed on any device, including touch devices. Then all your recipient needs to do is hit approve! (Don't worry, we'll notify you as soon as this happens). Hooray!

05 Construct Desktop Approved

That it! No more PDF's, no more printing and scanning. Quick and easy approval of your proposals, the way it should be.

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