Creating your first proposal with Construct

August 08, 2018

Hi There! We’ve put together a quick guide to show you how quick and easy it is to create beautiful proposals with Construct. The demo proposal we’ve created was made in under three minutes, and we’ve broken it down step-by-step. We’ve also included a real-time screen recording at the end so you can see exactly how we did it.

OK, let’s get started!

Step One: Create Your Proposal
When you first sign in to Construct, you will arrive at the Proposal Overview screen. Hit ‘New Proposal’ to get started.

Construct Proposal 01

Enter a title for your proposal, along with your recipient first name, last name, and email address. Then hit ‘Continue.’

Construct Proposal 02

You have now created a draft, and you’re ready to start editing your content. Hit ‘Edit Content’ to jump into the Editor.

Construct Proposal 03

Step Two: Edit Your Content
In the Editor you can start adding your proposal content. In the example, we’ve added a paragraph of text and a fee to the first section.

Construct Proposal 04

You can add additional sections to your proposal by clicking the ‘Add Section’ icon located on the left-hand side of any section. Be sure to label your section, so it appears correctly in the proposal navigation.

Construct Proposal 05 B

To add fees, text, images or tables to your proposal, click the ‘Plus’ icon under any module and select the component you wish to add. In this example, we’ve added an image to the proposal and drag and dropped it to the top of the section.

Tip: You can drag and drop any component in your proposal and even move it to a different section.

Construct Proposal 05 C
Construct Proposal 06

Next, we’ve customized the style the proposal, by editing the ‘Global Typography’ in right-hand toolbar. This is shown by default when no components are selected. In the example, we’ve changed the proposal font to ‘Rubik’ and adjusted the Subheading weight to Medium.

Construct Proposal 07

Step Three: Preview Your Proposal
When you have finished adding content, you can now preview your proposal on different devices, including desktop, tablet, and smartphone. If you would like to make further changes to your proposal, hit ‘Continue Editing’ in the top navigation. If you’re ready to go, hit ‘Confirm & Send.’

Tip: Be sure to click the menu icon in the top left, to preview how your proposal navigation will work. This navigation is created automatically using your section titles.

Construct Proposal 08

Step Four: Send Your Proposal
Before you send your proposal, you have the option of customizing the subject and body of the recipient email. If you decide not to do this, the default message will be included (see below). When you’re ready to send, hit ‘Send Proposal.’

Default subject and message:
Subject: [Author Name] via Construct

Hi [Recipient Name]
You have been sent the proposal [Proposal Name] from [Proposal Author] at [Author Company]. Your proposal can be viewed and approved on any device. Simply visit the link below.
[Author Name]

Construct Proposal 09

That’s it — your proposal has been sent! You can now view the proposal in the ‘Pending’ section at any time until it is approved or declined. You will now be able to see if your proposal has been opened, and if it has, you can see a breakdown of the recipient’s activity. You can also view the live proposal, download a PDF, duplicate it for a draft, or re-edit your proposal.

Construct Proposal 10

And Finally…
As mentioned earlier, we’ve made a screen recording of how we created this proposal in under three minutues. You can view the live version of the proposal here.

We aim to make proposals quicker, easier and better for everyone and hope this guide helps you in creating your first proposal with Construct. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. You can reach us on Twitter or Email at any time. You can also find more detailed documentation on Construct in our Knowledge Base.

Thanks for reading!

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